Truck Type

Dry Van

Customers all throughout the country greatly benefit from dry vans since they keep their items secure while they are traveling. You require a pleasant, trustworthy dry van dispatcher to assist you in providing the greatest results for your customers. RtsDispatch can help with this because we have spent years cultivating wonderful connections with drivers.

Step Deck

Transporting oversize and over-height cargo is a major responsibility, not to mention needing to navigate organizational and logistical minefields to keep your firm solvent. We’ve got your back when it comes to finding and evaluating potential loads, negotiating rates and prices, and creating and completing all the paperwork necessary to comply with laws and standard business procedures.


You already give your clients a first-rate service with your reefer truck. To maintain this level of service, though, you require a dispatcher you can trust—one with the proper perspective on your industry and a number of streamlined, stress-free procedures that keep your operation running.


You have a heavy-duty truck with a flatbed. As a result, it aids our economy in ways that other forms of transportation simply cannot. We at RtsDispatch want to be your partner in connecting you and your flatbed with the customers who will benefit from it the most by offering you the dispatch services you require.

Power Only

Owner-operators and truck fleets have received power-only dispatching services from RtsDispatcher. Any time you need to transport equipment using a flatbed trailer, dry van trailer, refrigerated van, shipping container, or tanker trailers, our staff makes it simple to match power-only cargoes to independent owners and truck fleets. For any transport scenario, we can find the optimal power-only truck option.


Many people outside of the trucking sector are unaware of the logistics involved in delivering their products, appliances, and equipment to them. Hotshot drivers like you, who deliver loads on time, are known at our organization as the “minutemen” of trucking. Because of this, we provide excellent hotshot dispatch services that can significantly impact your hotshot trucking company’s bottom line.

Box truck

A box trucking company benefits from the adaptability, independence, and ability to run cargoes with little downtime and without requiring a commercial driver’s license.

Day Cab

A day cab truck is a type of heavy-duty truck that doesn’t have a sleeping berth behind the driving cab. The chassis on a day cab truck will therefore be lighter than its roomier counterparts, which helps improve the fuel efficiency. The chassis is also shorter, so it’s easier to maneuver the vehicle in traffic.
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