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At RtsDispatch, we welcome your questions. It’s part of our commitment to excellence in customer care and our dedication to honesty and transparency. Feel free to contact us, or see if your question is one we are frequently asked.
What will RtsDispatch Do For My Business?
Simply put, we buy you time to increase your earnings. The majority of owners/operators enter this industry with the intention of hauling loads and making money, only to become mired in paperwork, regulations, and agreements that prevent them from doing what they should be doing to make money. We help your business run smoothly so you can take on more work by taking on all the business support tasks you’d like to delegate. Additionally, when it comes to negotiating, our goal is to secure the greatest prices for your cargoes so that you can increase your income.
Isn't it always easy and cheaper to hire an in-house dispatcher?
Unexpectedly, no. It takes time and money, as well as the use of headhunters, to establish and go through a very rigorous recruitment process if you want to hire talented and competent individuals. Even if you locate what you’re searching for, you will probably need to supply office space, which will add to your expenses. In some situations, you may even need to invest in further training. However, as many of our clients have acknowledged, using RtsDispatch ends up being less expensive than using even one dispatcher on a full-time basis. We excel at what we do because of our experience, networks, and industry knowledge.
Do I have to enter into a long-term contract with RtsDispatcher?
Nope. You contract with us on a monthly basis. We don’t require long-term commitments from truck drivers up front since we think we should earn your business. We will exert a lot of effort for you since if you’re unhappy, neither are we. But we also think that every business owner should be able to choose who they wish to partner with. It’s crucial to us that you continue to enjoy that freedom.
Do I have to be working with my own MC authority and DOT number to hire RtsDispatcher
We work with owners/operators working under their own MC authorities — but also with carriers with company drivers.
Do I have to request certificates everytime?
No. Unless you have specifically instructed your insurance agent to process the certificate requests made by “the insured only” — you — we work with your insurance agent to get the insurance certificates with the certificate holder information.
Will You work with me if i'm new to the business?
Absolutely. We enjoy assisting truckers and carriers at every level of their professional lives. Simply put, we are looking for motivated, diligent drivers. Since most shippers and brokers prefer carriers with MC authorities and Dot numbers older than six to a year old, it may initially be more difficult for us to locate you the finest loads if you are a new carrier. You may be confident that we will give it our all to help you earn more money in your first year, though. Access to greater rates and loads will become much simpler once you reach the one-year mark.
Can I choose which service I want wit RtsDispatcher
Yes. Our entire service package, which includes dispatch, documentation, compliance, and all the business supports a carrier needs, is adored by many of our clients, but we also have clients who, for example, only require help with paperwork and documentation. At RtsDispatch, we think that our customers should be able to conduct business however they see fit. Since they are the experts in their field, nobody else can compare. Do you have any other queries? Do not be reluctant to contact us. We look forward to assisting you in expanding your trucking company.
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