Owner-operators and truck fleets can use the dispatching services offered by rtsdispatcher.
We advise drivers and carrier businesses to use a variety of services in addition to load searches, such as billing, paperwork
management, broker and shipper interactions, SAFETY DOT compliance, and much more.

Drive, deliver, earn; we’ll do all the rest for you.

Transparency is one of our fundamental guiding principles. There are no unforeseen charges or termination fees in our
transparent pricing. Depending on the type of trailer our customers are using—dry van, step deck, reefer, flatbed, or hotshot
(only for 40′ trailers and CDL drivers)—we charge them anything from 5 to 10 percent of each load.
We prioritize and pay extra attention to every driver we work with. Every customer receives a specialized dispatcher and
round-the-clock support in order to guarantee that they receive the highest paid loads. If you’re unhappy with your dispatcher,
you have the option of selecting a different professional.
The services provided by Rtsdispatcher include negotiating rates and handling all communications with brokers and
shippers. We work hard to secure the best freight at the most competitive pricing for our customers. However, there is no
compelled dispatch; truckers are free to turn down any loads.
Please get in touch with us if you require any more information about our company, our services, or our privileges:
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